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User And Customer Experience


User experience refers to the emotions and attitudes of a person concerning using a certain service, system or product. It also entails a person's perception of a system such as how it is used, ease of use and the effectiveness. User experience is vibrant and is constantly modified over time due to changes in user circumstances.


Customer experience, on the other hand, can be defined as the results achieved after communication between an association and a customer over a given period of a relationship. It can also be defined as the interior or secretive replies of the client that may match with the company either directly or indirectly. Customer experience suggests that the customer has to be involved at different levels such as physical, spiritual, emotional, and rational levels. Customers respond differently when in direct or indirect contact with the company. Direct contact means that the client is the one who initiated the purchase. Indirect contact involves activities such as advertising, one on one recommendations or critics, an accidental encounter with sales agents.


There are some aspects that influence the user experience consulting of the user. The products you are dealing with must be original and fulfill the need of the user. This will create an inward satisfaction in the user, and they will show more interest in purchasing your products.


The products you are offering the user must be easy to use without the user having to consult you now and then. Your products must also be easily accessible to anyone interested in them. As the retailer, you have to consider the people with special needs or a person with a health condition.


The users must be able to trust you and believe in what you are telling them. Make sure to be very honest about your products. One of the ways of winning the user's trust is by ensuring the products you are selling are not counterfeit. They must be in their original version.


Make sure the products are as attractive as possible so as to arouse the emotions of the user. One of the ways of developing a customer's experience is by engaging the customer actively in an activity. Clients find it easy to recall active activities effectively rather than passive activities.


Understanding who your clients are is a major step in building upon the user experience lab. You need to bring in different types of customers to deal with your customer support teams. Your organization needs to successfully identify the needs of the client's so as to connect and empathize with their situations.